Science Materials Packing/Production

Who we are: The Center for Inquiry-Based Learning (CIBL), a science education nonprofit in Durham. We create hands-on science kits for use in classrooms all across North Carolina. Pretty cool!

Who you are: Someone who can help us assemble and refurbish those science kits. This work is done in a warehouse environment and involves many different skills including:

  • Weighing, counting and measuring

  • The ability to lift 40 pound boxes

  • The ability to be on your feet for prolonged periods

  • The ability to take direction and work independently

  • The ability to communicate effectively in English

  • Tolerance for repetitive/monotonous tasks

  • Communication, collaboration, and problem solving

What you can expect if you work here: CIBL is a truly unique work environment. Our “newest” employee has been here for 6 years – in other words, we all like working here. We support one another. We are flexible. The work, though exacting, can be fun and relaxed.

Our Science Materials Packing/Production job starts at $10/hour and 30 hours per week, approximately 9am-3pm, Monday through Friday. After an introductory period, this position will be eligible for paid leave, our health insurance supplement and SIMPLE IRA retirement plan.

CIBL Kit Trainers

CIBL needs experienced science kit users to join our team as trainers. Trainers lead full-day professional development workshops on the use of CIBL kits, content, pedagogy and STEM strategies. Trainers work with CIBL on a contract basis and may often have to travel to different school districts for training sessions.

If you are interested in joining our team as a contract kit trainer, please send your resume and a one-page cover letter to In your cover letter, please tell us your experience with CIBL kits, which kits you are interested in becoming a trainer for, any CIBL professional development you have received, and any other professional development sessions that you have lead, presented or developed for other teachers.

CIBL Curriculum Developers

CIBL is in the process of improving our curriculum to meet the North Carolina Essential Science Standards. CIBL needs experienced curriculum developers to work with us on a contract basis. Candidates should have experience writing effective inquiry-based lessons for grades K-8 and be familiar with the North Carolina Essential Science Standards. Candidates should also have experience designing lessons that support the best practices for K-12 science found in A Framework for K-12 Science Education published by the National Research Council.

If you are interested in joining our team as a contract curriculum developer, please send your resume, a one-page cover letter, and examples of any lessons you have developed to In your cover letter, please describe your qualifications and your curriculum development experience.