Our Vision

To nurture the natural excitement children have doing science.

Our Mission

To support North Carolina K-8 teachers with training and the most engaging, integrated, hands-on STEM curriculum materials that promote creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Our History

In 2001, Drs. Steven Wainwright and Norman Budnitz at Duke University established The Center for Inquiry-Based Learning to help North Carolina K-8 teachers learn inquiry-based teaching practices. In 2002, the National Science Foundation funded CIBL to conduct a research project called Teachers and Scientists Collaborating (TASC). Since then, TASC and CIBL have successfully helped many school districts get started toward improving science teaching. CIBL can work directly with your school and district to help you design and implement the science education changes you want.

CIBL Today

Today, CIBL is constantly reviewing new science curriculum to meet changing standards and new areas of emphasis, such as Common Core and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). CIBL offers services for schools and districts all over North Carolina. Services include:

  • science student activity packs
  • science kit rental
  • science kit refurbishment packages
  • science kit management
  • support for administration, including science program consulting
  • professional development on
    • science student activity pack usage
    • science kit usage
    • inquiry-based science for Pre-K teachers

Let’s stay