Kindergarden Kits

Students learn about ant anatomy and behavior by observing these creatures in nature and in an ant farm. They play different ant roles like following a scent trail and dragging food through a tunnel-like structure. They assemble a large ant nest poster in stages to highlight tunnels, food, social structure, and life cycle.

Publisher: Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS), Carolina Biological Supply Company.

Students explore the concepts that underlie the science skills of comparing and measuring. The lessons are based on a developmental sequence that includes three activities: comparing, matching, and measuring.

  • Students compare lengths by matching measuring tape to their own heights and the lengths of their arms and legs.
  • They make the transition from matching to measuring length by quantifying nonstandard units of measure.
  • Finally, students use standard units of measure, such as Unifix Cubes™ and measuring strips, to measure height, width, and distance.

Through these activities, students begin to understand key measuring concepts, such as using beginning and ending points, a common starting line, and standard units of measure.

Publisher: STC (Science and Technology for Children), Carolina Biological Supply Company.

Why does it rain? Where does the water come from? Can I walk on clouds?

These are just a few of the hundreds of questions students have about weather. With the exciting hands-on activities in this unit, students have the opportunity to explore various weather features first-hand and discover how weather affects their lives. Along the way they will develop skills such as record-keeping, data analysis, reading a thermometer, and more.

Publisher: STC (Science and Technology for Children), Carolina Biological Supply Company.

Students are introduced to a wide variety of woods and papers in a systematic way. They observe their properties and discover what happens when they are subjected to a number of tests and interactions with other materials. Students learn that wood and paper can be recycled to create new forms of paper or wood. They change wood and paper into a variety of products.

Publisher: FOSS (Full Option Science System), Delta Education.