I Notice I Wonder: Science Inquiry for Pre-K Teachers

CIBL offers science and language development workshops for any teacher of pre-K children, whether the teacher works at a school or private center. These sessions, called I Notice I Wonder, provide experiences of inquiry-based science, emphasizing language development for very young children. Workshops provide awareness and techniques to help students to notice more, wonder more, and talk more about the world around them. Conversations resulting from I Notice I Wonder activities strongly boost children’s language development.

Three types of session are offered: basic, advanced, and outdoors. After attending the basic workshop, teachers may attend the advanced and outdoor sessions. In all of these sessions, teachers learn to help children notice more about the world around them, to wonder about it, and to verbalize their noticings and wonderings. Each session includes about a dozen activities based on the Widely Held Expectations from Foundations. Teachers conduct activities as if they were students then work out how to conduct the activities with children in their classroom situation. Activities use simple, inexpensive materials.

Each workshop costs $90 per person. Each workshop carries .6 continuing education units (CEUs). Workshops include an activity guide.