CIBL’s Results

In December 2014, CIBL conducted a survey to better understand the needs of teachers using CIBL kits. From the 269 responses, CIBL learned that:

When teachers use a CIBL kit in the classroom:

  • 83% experience students spending more or much more time engaging with science content in the classroom
  • 71% experience students asking more or many more questions during science
  • 69% experience students being more or much more on-task during science
  • 83% report spending less or much less time acquiring classroom materials to teach science
  • 75% feel more or much more prepared to lead a hands-on science lesson
  • 57% feel more or much more confident teaching the science content at their grade level

When no CIBL kit is available, 69% of teachers responded that they do not have the materials support they need to teach hands-on science.

54% of survey respondents currently receive 0-1 kits from CIBL.

76% of survey respondents would prefer to use 3-4 kits from CIBL each year.